Buschbeck 3 In 1 Outdoor Fire, BBQ & Pizza Oven | Buschbeck NZ


Sear your steak to perfection over glowing embers, insert the Pizza oven and bake up a slice of Italy or simply load up with firewood and enjoy the warmth and mood of the quartzite masonry fireplace.

Luxury Living, In Your Own Backyard

Be the envy of your friends with the legendary Buschbeck BBQ / Outdoor Fireplace. Imported from Germany, where they are designed and manufactured to the highest standards in the world. Only the Buschbeck utilises a unique concrete formula with a beautiful and rugged quartzite finish that lasts a lifetime – plus components that are steel reinforced for the ultimate in strength and durability.


Double Walled Construction – Safety and Versatility

Features: Ensures the outside remains cool and safe enough to touch! Inner refractory firebox means the unit withstands higher temperatures than single shell models. More than just a BBQ to cook on, also can be used as an awesome outdoor fireplace! Read more on our Technical Specifications Page.

Multi-functional -3 in 1

Features: BBQ, pizza oven and outdoor fireplace – all in 1! Accessorise with Pizza Insert or a rotisserie. Add the cast Iron grill for succulent steaks and perfect sear marks. Read more on our Technical Specifications Page.

German Made Quality

Features: Unique quartzite concrete formula. Components that are reinforced for ultimate strength and durability. No painting or plastering required. Manufactured in state of the art precast factory in Germany. Certified by TUV with world recognised GS mark. Read more on our Technical Specifications Page.

Easy DIY Kitset

Features: Delivered in a tidy shrink wrapped package. Include approx. 10 sectional components, only 2 which require mortaring. Mortar/ cement provided. Quick to install, 2 -3 persons recommended. Read more on our Technical Specifications Page.


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